Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Bay Road

From time to time in discussions of the South Bay, people make reference to the "Bay Road." This was the original name for the road leading south out of Hudson which is now Route 9G. This photo clarifies why the road got that name.


  1. I stand corrected. A reader more knowledgeable about Hudson history than I informs me that the ORIGINAL name for Route 9G was "Highland Turnpike." The name "Bay Road" came into existence casually over the years and was the official name only during the time between when it ceased being a turnpike and before it became a state highway.

  2. There's another post card (found on THE 12534) of this view without the telephone poles (I think) entitled " A Very Beautiful Spot" - which obviously it was.

  3. An astounding photograph. More, please!

    - T. O'Connor