Thursday, February 18, 2010

Unauthorized Demolition in Hudson

At this moment, unauthorized demolition work is going forward on a very old building at the corner of Seventh and State streets in Hudson. The building is in a locally designated historic district, but the project has never come before the Historic Preservation Commission for review. It is not known at this time if a demolition permit was issued by the Code Enforcement Office.

According to information received, the dismantling began on Monday night. One source maintains that only the most compromised part of the building is being taken down--a section that was added at some point to the original building. This idea is supported by the fact that the demolition is revealing a fanlight attic window, suggesting that this interior wall was originally an exterior wall.

The building was the Orphan Asylum in Hudson at some time before 1881 when the orphanage moved to 400 State Street (now the library). The building is currently owned by Eric Galloway.


  1. Carole,

    Hudson is beginning to feel like 1990 all over again! When Jefferson said "constant vigilance," he wasn't kidding!

  2. Eric Galloway making his own rules again

  3. The Hudson Destruction Corporation strikes again. Why not just let him raze the whole town and get it over with?

  4. Unbelievable. Peter Wurster really ought to be held to task as I believe it his job to alert the owner to the Historic District responsibilities. Perhaps a protest is in order at a DPW meeting?

  5. Hey - he already actually owns a big percentage of the town - maybe we should just crown him mayor already !

  6. I just recently had a face off with Bldg.Dept and Common Council Pres. Moore, as Galloway was demolishing 260 Warren with windows wide open,spewing debris,broken glass and toxic dust on the heads of kids at their school bus stop below, and the rest of the neighbors on the N3rd side of BLDG. and Prison Alley.The job site in a neighborhood of children was completely unsecured.Sharp broken window glass at street level.The sidewalk was in such deplorable condition, for years now , that kids and all pedestrians were being forced into truck rte.There was no permit posted anywhere and the contractor could not produce one.After 2 council meetings andC.C.Pres. Moore saying he went and saw and job site was spotless,I just took photos and sent them out to all responsible parties and those who should be responsible.From DOT to OSHA,EPA,School Board Head of Safety ,HPC,Bldg Dept, Mayor,senator, congressmen ,newspapers, all city hall reps anybody I could think of..By 5pm that night ,Bldg Dept sent me email,saying that Galloway had a demo permit.Next morning there was plastic over all the windows ,open dumpster was gone as were the workers.Next day after that ,demo permits appeared in 2 windows, dated way after the demo had begun.Next some guys showed up to put macadam in the gaping holes on side walk of N3rd st side of bldg and debris and glass swept up.Next day they put a little piece of plastic fence up.Then on the other end of N3rd.,with great fanfare,ccClub is pronounced by Wuster and Mayor,bldg in in Imminent danger of collapse.It's still there,with a fence around it,
    that does nothing but force pedestrians back into Truck rte,at the most dangerous turn for semi's and tractor trailers.The entire back of ccClub runs the length of a backyard where small children play everyday. There has not been one preventive measure of safety for them,
    from a bldg that is in "inanimate danger of collapse".Out of site ,out of mind.2ND Ward
    I went to Dem. Headquarters right before primary and asked Vincent,who was sitting in there.If Haddad wins ,does Wuster stay?He said a definitive NO .I then went to pmWine Bar fundraiser for Haddad and asked Haddad to his face."If you win,will you reappoint Wuster."He said,"Well...if Peter can show me that he will do his job then.bla ,bla, bla,..wasn't Haddad on the HPC?Galloway isn't the problem here.If people sell him property that is designated Historic and under protection,Why isn't Galloway stopped,when he continuously ignores historical mandates and historically ruins them?.Cause Wuster doesn't enforce them and HPC doesn't go after Wuster.There is fear people have expressed about getting into it with Wuster,cause the power he holds as Bldg.Inspector and the Bldg.Dept,can be very detrimental to anyone trying to do any construction or put up an awning.The Buildings in Hudson are very old to old.People want to open galleries,restaurants,bakeries ,fix up their houses.They do not want to cross the only guy in town, that if he feels like it, can prevent it.People in Hudson are afraid of him.You do not get to vote for Building Department or its employees.
    How long has that guy run the Bldg Dept?