Sunday, February 28, 2010

Map of Hudson c. 1850

A comment on the previous post "Hudson in 1850" asks if the small body of water that appears on the 1873 map of the First Ward was the part of the South Bay that was cut off by the Hudson and Berkshire Railroad. A subsequent comment points out that there's a map of the First Ward--along with many images of the waterfront--on I've reproduced the map from the website here, but it's not the 1873 map. It's from the period between 1838, when the Hudson and Berkshire Railroad was built, and around 1860, when the row of brick townhouses (mine among them) on the south side of Allen Street just above Second were built. It shows that the area that is now the commuter parking lot at the train station is very likely what was known as "Little Bay."

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  1. If you look closely on this map, you can see the old house numbers on Warren Street, before they were updated to correspond to their blocks. Only the first block of Warren remains the same (e.g. my old place is still 32 Warren, but the nextmost house up across 1st Street is no longer #34, but #102).