Friday, February 26, 2010

Not to Be Missed

Francesa Olsen's article in this morning's Register Star: "City dems: Explore switching to a legislature."

Although the concern that "the duties and responsibilities of town supervisors have increased to such an extent that having town supervisors also serve as their town’s representatives to county government no longer makes practical sense" may seem a tad disingenuous coming from the Democratic Committee in the only muncipality in Columbia County where the chief executive is not also the representative to the Board of Supervisors, switching to a county legislature form of government is an idea whose time has come, and the Hudson Democrats should be commended for bringing the issue forward.

If you're curious to know who makes up the Hudson Democratic Committee, you can find their names and read the full text of the resolution on the Hudson City Democrats website.

1 comment:

  1. Thank you for bringing attention to our resolution regarding county government and for the great work you are doing with The Gossips of Rivertown.

    But I have to ask, why is it disingenuous to point out that the duties of Town Supervisors are now so demanding, as to not make any sense to have them lead the county as well. We see on a regular basis that Town Supervisors are so wrapped up and focused on the minutia of running their towns, that there is not the proper focus on county wide issues. Pointing out this fact seems quite appropriate to me.

    Victor Mendolia
    Hudson City Democratic Committee