Friday, March 13, 2015

A Dog's Life in Hudson Now and Then

Today, the dog owners of Hudson FORWARD are working to establish a dog park in Hudson. To support their effort, they are embarking on two campaigns to encourage canine good citizenship. The first, soon to be rolled out, urges dog owners and dog walkers to pick up after the dogs in their charge. Posters similar to the one below will soon start appearing around town. The second campaign will encourage dog owners to license their dogs.

The idea of people organizing for the benefit of their dogs--to make life better and safer for them--is not a new concept in Hudson. Recently, Paul Barrett discovered this article, which appeared in the Columbia Republican on May 15, 1916. Like the Hudson FORWARD initiative, the Dog Club advocated for licensing dogs. Their mission "to protect canine interests" also included "to offer a reward and assist in the prosecution of all poison cases, to protect dogs from wanton automobiles and in general to assist in seeing that dog owners obey the law and in return that the laws protecting dogs' rights be strictly enforced."


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  1. How very lucky, the North dock Labradors of Columbia County were, passing freely and easily, leading their masters, from shore to water and back again, passing through the wharf without restriction. Free and easy, you know, the way it's supposed to be...