Thursday, March 19, 2015

There Is Still Time to Get There!

Tonight at 7 p.m., Peter Cipkowski will share the story of the South Front Street neighborhood that was devastated by Urban Renewal in the 1970s: "Hudson's Lost Neighborhood: Remembering South Front Street." 

The presentation of his grandfather's photographs and home movies takes place at the Greenport Community Center directly across Greenport Town Hall, on Town Hall Drive off Healy Blvd., and is sponsored by the Greenport Historical Society.


  1. So there really IS a Greenport Historical Society ?

    Will they PLEASE do some simple maintenance on the Stone Toll House and the Stone House next to that conveyor belt structure - PLEASE !!!!!!

    1. The Greenport Historical Society does indeed own the stone toll house on Route 23B. If memory serves, the City of Hudson gave it to them about twenty years ago. The stone house on Route 9, however, which once was the home of Stephen T. B. Heermance, belongs to Holcim.

  2. I thought Holcim gifted that house to the Greenport Historical Society back during the fight...

  3. I noticed they've put a great new roof on the toll house in the past couple of years so someone is caring for it now.

    My understanding is almost all has been lost on the inside, though.

  4. I am sure the Greenport Historical Society would welcome your cash.

    Mark ORTON

  5. The small outbuilding behind the toll house is roofless - covered with a blue tarp - that has blown off - and ignored.

    They don't really need cash.

    Elbow grease would help immensely.

  6. The Toll House next to Holcim, er Colarusso has been opened in the back, and I must say its structurally in better shape than I would have thought and has some awesome peeling orange paint. Apparently it was a lab for Atlas Cement and you can see it was certainly used as a commercial type building.
    It would be great to get the full history of this building. Holcim was really negligent with this one....