Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Ear to the Ground

Back in January, when the Common Council held a public hearing on the local law establishing a minimum apartment size, the Register-Star reported that attorney Mark Greenberg, speaking on behalf of his client the Galvan Foundation, objected to the law, questioned the City's authority to enact it, and claimed that establishing a minimum apartment size would have the effect of reducing the amount of affordable housing. The aldermen responded by asking Greenberg about the number of apartments his client had brought to the market and the number of buildings owned by Galvan that have stood vacant for years.

Rick Scalera, former mayor and now Fifth Ward supervisor who is employed by Galvan as a "special adviser," came to his employer's defense, citing the "deplorable condition" the buildings were in when Galvan acquired them and the "exorbitant amount of money" being spent by Galvan on the Armory, and offered this invitation: "Any councilman need only go on a tour with me and I'll show you what they look like."

It is not known if any of the aldermen took Scalera up on his offer, but the press did. According to Gossips sources, a reporter for the Register-Star took the tour last week, and yesterday a reporter and a photographer for Columbia Paper were shown around. The articles on the subject can be expected any day.

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