Friday, April 13, 2018

Just Wondering . . .

It's rumored that the owner of one of the houses adjacent to the Stewart's Shop at Green Street and Fairview Avenue is eager to sell the building to Stewart's. A couple of people--in a comment on this blog and elsewhere--have expressed the opinion that both the houses Stewart's intends to buy and demolish to enable its expansion are such eyesores that the city would be better off without them. Can that it be that this "installation" in the front yard of one of the houses targeted for acquisition and demolition was staged to make more people--neighborhood residents and passers-by--wish the house didn't exist?



  1. Assuming the condition of that yard is a code violation, the Code Enforcement Officer should take action.

    The saddest thing here, is that beyond the questionable merits of Stewart's expansion plans itself, is that in order to dodge the spot zoning bullet, its proposal rezones a whole swath of homes on the north side of Green Street, allowing their being converted from residential to commercial uses. These homes are not in an Historical Preservation District, so the potential is there for the some of the owners to just tear the homes down, and then apply for a commercial use for a now empty lot. That is the nightmare scenario that in particular haunts me.

    Putting up nice photo of the line of homes that are at risk here would be helpful. Many of them are quite handsome architectural specimens.

  2. it's a code violation and should be enforced by Craig and his crew immediately. Just like the trash in front of 511 Columbia and elsewhere.

  3. For some years now, a family lived in that house. They tended the front vegetable garden every day during season, and there was no furniture in the yard. The white picket fence was wonky but in tact. The landlord should not be rewarded.

  4. The garden that used to occupy that front yard was beautiful. I just noticed this mess today. This yard has NOT looked like this until very recently. No sign of the family who lived there. It is such a shame. A very sweet family.