Friday, April 27, 2018

New Face in City Hall

Anyone who has visited the Council Chamber in City Hall knows that its walls are lined with portraits of Hudson's mayors--from Seth Jenkins (1785-1793) to William H. Hallenbeck, Jr. (2012-2015). Missing are our most recent former mayor, Tiffany Martin Hamilton (2016-2017), and our current mayor, Rick Rector. 

On the mantelpiece in the room are displayed pictures of our representatives to the state and federal legislative bodies: Didi Barrett, NYS State Assembly; Kathy Marchione, NYS State Senate; John Faso, US House of Representatives; Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gilliband, US Senate. Earlier this week, a new picture appeared at the center of the gallery, with Barrett, Schumer, and Gillibrand (Democrats) arrayed at the left, and Faso and Marchione (Republicans) at the right.

Yup, that's a cropped copy of the official portrait.



  1. Though Chris Gibson was our Congressman for six years, the Council Chamber never displayed a photo of him.

  2. note that all the other faces besides our President are smiling.

    1. They had just been given a license to steal in a state where politicians never go to jail.

      Ever wonder who they're laughing at?

  3. Carol osterink what is your problem with our president being on the mantle there’s been other presidents on the mantle so what is your problem with this one oh I forgot you guys don’t like the Republican president to bad he is our President weather everyone likes it or not.