Monday, April 16, 2018

News of a Lawsuit

Earlier this evening, News10 in Albany reported on a federal lawsuit filed by employees of the Gloversville Housing Authority, which alleges that they were assigned to do work at a private home, belonging to a member of the GHA Board of Commissioners, and then were harassed and suspended without pay for whistleblowing. Two individuals named in the lawsuit are the former executive director and the former tenant relations assistant at the Gloversville Housing Authority.

Of interest to us in Hudson is that the former executive director of the Gloversville Housing Authority is now the executive director of the Hudson Housing Authority: Timothy Mattice.
Click here to view the report.


  1. And how and why did he get the position of Hudson Housing Authority director? Doesn't the authority have trustees? It sounds as though there wasn't due diligence, or the lawsuit was kept from them during the search process.