Friday, June 7, 2019

Celebrity for the Rescue Dogs of Hudson

Last fall, Gossips announced that photographer Judy Curran was looking for dog models for a book project she was calling Hudson Gone to the Dogs. The original plan was to photograph dogs in shops and other locations throughout the city, but in the intervening months, Curran refined her plans. She decided to make the book about the rescue story and to photograph the dogs in a studio against a black or white background. Of the decision, Curran says, "I believe that photographing dogs on pure white or black backgrounds takes away all distractions and suddenly the image becomes all about the dog."

The project is set to begin next week, with photo sessions on Monday, June 10, and Wednesday, June 12, in a refurbished barn just outside Hudson. The sessions will continue over the following two weeks. Although lots of dogs (Joey among them) have already signed up to be part of the project, there are still a few available time slots. If you and your dog are interested, contact Curran at

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