Tuesday, June 18, 2019

The $200,000 from Stewart's

At its meeting this evening, the Common Council is expected to vote to accept the host community benefit agreement offered by Stewart's Shops, by which the City will receive $200,000 for changing its zoning and losing seven housing units to allow Stewart's to expand its gas station and convenience store at the corner of Green Street and Fairview Avenue. 

Of the $200,000, $143,000 is earmarked for improvements to the intersection to enhance pedestrian access to this auto-centric site. Amanda Purcell reports about that today in HudsonValley360: "Stewart's Shops map out improvements to corner of Green and Fairview." The "crude map drawn by Creighton Manning Engineers" referenced in the article but not reproduced there is undoubtedly this one, which accompanied the host community benefit agreement offer submitted by Stewart's Shops in May. The map shows the proposed improvements to the intersection with the existing Stewart's in place.

The $57,000 remaining after intersection improvements have been made is expected to fund "the retention of a planner for the review, mediation and implementation of an updated comprehensive plan or zoning code."


  1. There could have been more than $57K set aside for our other planning purposes, but we'd already committed ourselves to improving the intersection.

    It was ours to spend as we wished, but $57K will still take a big chunk out of the next Comprehensive Plan. Let's do it!