Saturday, December 2, 2023

A Preview of Winter Walk

Every year on the night before Winter Walk, a group of anonymous judges reviews all the festively adorned shop windows for the Winter Walk Window Decorating Contest. This year, a small group of gallerists, representing the Hudson Gallery Alliance, descended on Warren Street and beyond to assess the creative, colorful, quirky, glamorous, and spectacularly delightful window decorations to choose the stand-out winners. This morning, Gossips learned who the winners are.

The “Five Golden Rings” Awards 

“5th Ave Spectacular”Award  
Finch, 427 Warren Street

“Met Gala Poinsettias” Award  
The Rosery, 128 Green Street

 “A Scrumptious Wonderland” Award  
Nine Cakes, 748 Warren Street

 “Reindeer Games in Retirement” Award  
Little Rico’s, 437 Warren Street

“The Woman in Gold” Award  
Five & Diamond, 502 Columbia Street

Then there was the obligatory "Pear Tree Award" (Judge's Choice), which went to the Holiday Huts of Santa's Village in Seventh Street Park, whose renovation this year by volunteers at Lowe's in Greenport has been much ballyhooed on Facebook.

There was a second category of awards called the "12 Drummers Awards." Here are the winners. Check them out tonight.
  • “Christmas Menagerie” Award  Stair, 549 Warren Street
  • “Stuffed Stocking” Award  Hudsontricity, 428 Warren Street
  • “Childhood Treasures” Award  White Whale, 410 Warren Street 
  • “A Christmas Nightmare” Award  Bones Barber Co., 540 Warren Street 
  • “Over the River and Through the Woods” Award  510 Warren St. Gallery, 510 Warren Street 
  • “Peace on Earth” Award  Shana Lee Jewelry, 315 Warren Street 
  • “I Need Fabulous” Award  Favreaulous Factory, 521 Warren Street 
  • “Home Alone” Award  Red Chair, 606 Warren Street 
  • “Evergreen Christmas” Award  Lili and Loo, 259 Warren Street 
  • “Corrugated Christmas” Award  Rebus, 337 Warren Street 
  • “Home Sweet Home” Award  Supernatural Coffee, 527 Warren Street 
  • “Something For Everyone” Award  Hudson Clothier, 443 Warren Street 

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