Sunday, May 11, 2014

Another One Bites the Dust

Yesterday, Gossips reported that a very visible house, at the corner of Fairview Avenue and Bayley Boulevard, had been demolished in the past week. Last night, a reader provided the information that another house in Hudson, this one not so visible, had also been demolished last week: 334 Rope Alley.

Gossips happened to have a picture of the house on Rope Alley that is no more because in September 2012, the house was sold in a tax foreclosure auction and purchased by Linda Mussmann for $26,500.

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  1. Yesterday I had a great discussion with an associate about the buildings located along the alleys & on Partition St.
    We agreed that Hudson has many houses located in same. And that Hudson should consider promoting residential building and/or restoration within the alleys to add to available housing sites & its tax base.