Monday, May 8, 2017

Repairing the Park

This morning, a crew of four, with a dump truck, a pickup truck, wheelbarrows, and lots of topsoil, were in Henry Hudson Riverfront Park bright and early, filling the ruts caused by the backhoe used to install the floating docks. They were there when Joey and I arrived for our morning walk, and they were still there two hours later when I returned to take these pictures.

Update: A reader reports that at 2 p.m. today grass seed was sown on the new soil. 



  1. And over in the second ward it's not even possible for bird watchers to see the North Bay because the city doesn't even cut the grass.

    No Fisher folk, bird watchers or trapping allowed in the second ward for over five years.

  2. I think the city refrains from cutting the grass until the breeding season of ground-breeding birds is over.

    1. They haven't cut it in five years.

    2. After several years of (ongoing) trial and error, it's the county and not the City which has agreed to delay mowing of the capped landfill until the Bobolinks have finished nesting.

      Each year, though, we watch with trepidation to see if the County has forgotten its commitment again.

    3. Half of the unused (unique) aviary at north dock is five feet below the high water mark. Doesn't require DPW maintenance and most of the birds there, freely walk the riverbed, like second ward residents once did. The birds must have better representation.

  3. Maybe I should have said overgrown vegetation, DPW does groom the grass in front of the "Furgary Fishing Village."

    Strange that facebook refers to 8 dock street as a fishing village. Second ward Fisher folk have twice been removed (at gunpoint) after the closing of the cabins.