Thursday, May 25, 2017

Technical Difficulties

My apologies to readers who are accustomed to being notified by email whenever something new is posted on Gossips. I recently, along with everyone else who used Verizon for their email, was required to switch to AOL. Since then, things have not gone well. Just now, when attempting to send out a notice, I received an error message that concluded: "Too many recipients attempted in 24 hours. AOL will not accept delivery of this message."

I scrupulously avoided exceeding Verizon's limits, because if I did, all email activity--outgoing and incoming--would be blocked for 24 hours. But since I have been unable to find any policy statement that indicates what AOL's limits are, I don't know how to stay within them.

Until I can figure this out and remedy the situation, I am announcing all new posts on the Gossips Facebook page. If you want to follow that page, you can get notification that way, or you could, from time to time, just go to to find out what's new.