Tuesday, May 30, 2017

The Great War: May 29, 1917

On May 14, 1917, the Hudson Evening Register announced that New York and New England Cement Company was making land and seed available to its workers to plant gardens. On May 29, 1917, the newspaper reported that the company, now called Atlas Portland Cement, was helping its employees during time of war in another way. 

The Atlas Portland cement company continues to do its share toward the conditions which confront the nation. It has already donated a large section of tillable land to its employees, where about 200 of them have started vegetable gardens, the tracts being large enough to supply each man with plenty for family use during the summer and for a good store for next winter. The company put the land in shape and is aiding the "farmers" in various ways.
Arrangements have now been made by the Atlas company officials whereby any of their employees may purchase Liberty Bonds in any desired amount, the Atlas company furnishing the money necessary for the purchase of the bonds, which money is to be paid back by the employees in either a ten-month or a fifteen-month period, the interest on the deferred payments being the same as the interest that the bond bears.
Many of the Atlas employees at Hudson are subscribing to this loan, which is very gratifying to the Atlas officials.

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  1. FWIW, the Atlas shut down for most of the Great Depression. This was probably not so helpful to their workers. And less likely to be highlighted in the local papers.