Thursday, June 10, 2010

Civic Pride

Eliminating half the lampposts on Warren Street necessitated pouring new sections of sidewalk where lampposts had been removed. These new sections have proved to be magnets for vandals, graffiti artists, and others who just couldn't resist sticking a hand or a foot into wet cement. A walk from Front Street to Fourth Street and back again this morning revealed that few of the new sections have escaped some level of defacement--whether accidental or intentional--but these examples are the most deliberate and extreme. I've provided the addresses of nearby buildings so that, if inspired to do so, readers can go and see for themselves.

117 Warren Street

213 Warren Street

223 Warren Street

229 Warren Street

241 Warren Street

244 Warren Street

310 Warren Street

322 Warren Street

330 Warren Street

346 Warren Street

364 Warren Street


  1. Carole why not mount and elegantly frame and hughly price these pics-- they are quite wonderful-- and display them at Carrie's gallery.

  2. There is also a wonderful artwork on the cement (not in it) outside