Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sometimes They Don't

On April 27, I reported with considerable relief that the persistent rumor that the last surviving building of the Hudson River Knitting Mill complex (a.k.a. River Lofts or the Bentley Meeker buildings) was to be sold and demolished had no foundation in fact. Questioned after the April meeting of the Common Council Economic Development Committee, Peter Markou, executive director of the Hudson Development Corporation, said there were no plans to sell the building and it was his intention to rehab the building and use it as perhaps a year-round indoor greenmarket, a business incubator, or both. He assured me that even if the building were to be sold, it would be sold with restrictive covenants that ensured its restoration and reuse and prohibited its demolition.

That was then; this is now. Last week, Markou told me that the HDC Board had, the previous day, voted unanimously to put the building on the market. The asking price is $499,000. When I asked about restrictive covenants, I didn't get a definitive answer.

The HDC Board is made up of Steven Anderson, Lori Selden, Seth Rapport, and the following elected officials: Mayor Scalera; Don Moore, Common Council President; Dick Goetz, Common Council Minority Leader; and Ellen Thurston, Common Council Majority Leader.


  1. Interesting real estate just on the market. This industrial site for $499 K and the Basilica for $450 K.

    Wonder how many shoppers (besides Elenor) there are out looking for a project of this type of magnitude.

    Public spaces, instead of government funded tax exempt units would be a nice change for the tax burden of Hudson.

  2. Carole: Who should we direct letters of "support" to ask that the City of Hudson rethink selling off Hudson's past/future? I know Patrick still has a vision for Basilica, but Meeker... ? I'm so happy that Washington Hose went the way it did!