Monday, June 21, 2010

Hudson Pride Weekend

The parade was fabulous. Our historic Promenade Hill, with its glorious views, was the perfect setting for the rally that followed. The mood was festive. Everyone was happy and having a terrific time. I took lots of pictures and published the best of them on ccSCOOP. Have a look.

Congratulations to Trixie Starr, Victor Mendolia, and everyone who worked to make Hudson's first ever Pride Weekend a truly memorable event!

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    Yesterday, many people asked me if I knew about Saint Winifred (the impressive bronze woman wielding a sword atop Parade Hill pictured in this post aka St. Winebald). I had to admit, I didn't. Then, I spotted Ellen Thurston, always a font of Information, and she directed me to saintsonline (actually I found the information through: - a modern day Lives of Saints).

    I thought it might amuse anyone interested in iconographies to know a little about this woman who may be an apt patroness for Hudson--a source of inspiration, and hope for renewal.

    Winifred + Virgin and martyr, also called Winefride, Gwenfrewi, and Guinevra. According to tradition, she was born in Wales and was a niece of St. Beuno. While it is probable that Winifrid was an actual person, she is known entirely through legend and tales. The most common declares her to have been murdered on June 22, by Caradog of Hawarden, after refusing his advances. He beheaded her, and from the spot where her head hit the ground sprang up water, to become the Holy Well, one of the most popular pilgrim sites in Wales. In another version, she was miraculously healed by Beuno and, with her head restored to her body, she became a nun and later abbess of the nunnery of G'yytherin in Ciwyd. The Holy Well, or St. Winifred's Well, was still honored and visited after the Reformation, while her relics were enshrined at Shrewsbury.


    P.S. Feast Day 3 November