Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Touch of Galloway: Exhibit 1

Word has it that Eric Galloway is bidding on Basilica Industria, so we may have to go back to our "Galloway Gallery" series to add one more exhibit, but meanwhile we will begin our new series: "The Touch of Galloway." This series will look at buildings that Galloway has built, altered, or restored in Hudson but no longer owns. The exhibits will be presented in more or less chronological order, as memory serves. The purpose of the series, as with the previous one, is to explore the power--potential and realized--of one man with a lot of money at his disposal to influence and alter our little city of two square miles.

This building is on the northeast corner of Fifth and State streets. The black-and-white picture shows the building in the 1930s. The second picture shows the building today.

There had been a serious fire here at the beginning of this century. Around 2002, Eric Galloway purchased the building and reconstructed it as a Greek Revival inspired double house. Its present design has little relation to the original design of the building or to the surrounding neighborhood, since this area of Hudson was not developed until sometime after Greek Revival architecture had, according to architectural historians, fallen out of fashion.


  1. bravo galloway! Wjat an improvement to that corner.

  2. This is one of the few 'disneyland' creations I like.

  3. I happen to like this building, even though I understand the re-construction inside was really crappy and had to redone. It certainly is better than the burnt out corner and the building before the fire.

  4. P.S. Thank you, Carole for this series, it should be interesting and great documentation.