Monday, June 7, 2010

Galloway Gallery: Exhibit 12

This is 61-63 North Seventh Street, owned by Eric Galloway's "Hudson Preservation Group." Presumably stored in this building are the columns from the porticoes at 202-204 Warren Street and the French doors from 260 Warren Street. There may also be, according to a Gossips commenter, a pair of black marble mantels which were removed from 302-304 Warren Street during the time Galloway owned that building.

It was rumored that Galloway bought this building from mayor's aide Cappy Pierro in the early years of this decade for what seemed like a princely sum for a storage building.


  1. The County website lists this property as sold in 2003 for $215,000. 2009 assessment was $154,200. Tentative 2010 assessment is $208,800. More of what makes Hudson so interesting...

  2. Indeed it was pricey, Kim looked at it after we sold our warehouse
    but definitely couldn't afford it.

  3. It has been confirmed that Eric Galloway bought this building from Carmine Pierro in September 2003 for $210,000.