Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Catching Up

Hudson Waterfront Yesterday, Sam Pratt and Peter Jung of The Valley Alliance held a 90-minute informational session about the draft Local Waterfront Revitalization Program (LWRP) at Space 360. The presentation, which was made at the invitation of Lori Selden and the Hudson Business Coalition, drew a crowd considerably larger than what had been anticipated by the people who set out the chairs. There were people standing around the periphery and sitting on the floor.

John Mason covered the event for the Register-Star: "Holcim cement plant could still be in the works." Mason seems to have tried a bit too hard to come up with a provocative lead, and you have to wonder why Linda Mussmann is quoted at length when she was present for only a short time and said nothing, but the article is worth reading, especially if you also read the comments made about it.

Assessments The Hudson Property Owners Coalition cleared the first hurdle in their lawsuit against the 2010 revaluation of Hudson properties. Sam Pratt has an analysis of the legal action on his blog.

Beleaguered HCSD On Unmuffled: An Education Blog, Lynn Sloneker reports that the Hudson City School District has been named by the New York Civil Liberties Union as one of 139 districts in the state “. . . unlawfully barring or discouraging the enrollment of immigrant students.” Sloneker's report reveals that HSCD requires students "born outside of the United States" to disclose their country of origin and their date of entry into the U.S. and to produce a valid visa or passport. The NYCLU asserts that school districts break the law if they inquire about a student's or parent’s immigration status.

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