Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Touch of Galloway: Exhibit 4

For a period of time around 2004, Eric Galloway owned all the buildings in this stretch of South Third, on the west side of the street from Union Street to Cherry Alley. At the time, there where three buildings, which Galloway purchased as a group from the previous owner who had himself purchased them as the group: the house (258 Union Street), a little storefront that was once the Third Street Snack Bar, and a very old brick building that had at one time been a blacksmith's shop.

Galloway subdivided the property, selling the house, with a somewhat truncated backyard, to its current owner. It was the current owner who did the restoration of the house.

Galloway meanwhile did a major rehab on the very old building that had been the blacksmith's shop. Among other things, he reconstructed the front wall to give it three arched window openings. He also demolished what had once been the Third Street Snack Bar next door and in its place constructed a setback addition to the old blacksmith's shop.

When the work was complete, the building, with its three arched windows, was thought by some to look like a suitable location for a Numero Uno Pizzeria franchise. Fortunately for Hudson, the building was purchased by the proprietor of Verdigris Art & Tea, who has developed there a very charming, successful, and unique to Hudson business.

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