Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Time and Again

A comment made by Anonymous on "Seeing Emanuel Lutheran" made reference to Face Stockholm and inspired this morning's post, which traces the fortunes of the building on the southeast corner of Fourth and Warren--from its original appearance in the 19th century to "modernized" in the middle of the 20th century to restored at the beginning of the 21st century. Note the number of the building in the first picture, taken before the east-west streets were renumbered in 1889. The "unveiling" of the Face Stockholm building took place, if memory serves, in 2002.

My thanks for Byrne Fone for taking these pictures and entrusting them to me.


  1. The Hudson artist Henry Ary (teacher of Sanford Gifford whose grave can be seen in an earlier post here) had his studio in this building at the time of his death in 1859. His home was across the street in the space now occupied by the title search company. The outline of the original Ary house can still be seen in the northwest corner of that otherwise brick building. That "wooden" house is all that occupied the property when Ary died; the rest of the property was a garden. The brick building there today was built around the original house and incorporated into it.

  2. Fascinating ! It has always looked like two houses stuck together but I didn't know why. The later 'double' house was probably enlarged by one of the Evans Brewery brothers. The large crumbling victorian with the mansard roof next door was the other brothers home.