Saturday, July 24, 2010

UPDATE: Emanuel Lutheran Church

The "vinyling" of Emanuel Lutheran Church moves inexorably forward--despite an interruption caused by Friday's rain. The south wall is now completely covered, and they've moved around to the west wall--the church's facade. There have been reports of people yelling disparaging remarks at the workers.

Alderman Chris Wagoner (Third Ward) is calling for Peter Wurster's resignation for his role in enabling this to happen. John Mason has a report about it in this morning's Register-Star: "Alderman calls for Wurster's resignation." Of course, what Mason's article fails to emphasize is that a completed application for a certificate of appropriateness was never submitted to the Historic Preservation Commission.

There are plans afoot for a demonstration next Wednesday at noon to protest this flouting of the City's preservation ordinance. Gossips will provide more information about the demonstration as it becomes available.

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