Wednesday, July 17, 2013

God Is in the Details

Earlier this week, a reader reported that the gable at 67-71 North Fifth Street appeared to be finished, but there was no window or vent. The original gable had a pair of small windows; the proposed design showed what appeared to be some kind of vent.

But this oversight has now been remedied as well. This picture was taken of the building yesterday and shows a window in the gable that appears to be more like the original than what was proposed.

1 comment:

  1. Putting aside, Galvan wasn't going to put the Gable in at all,this is a vast improvement from the rendering that HPC approved. Mainly
    because of the more accurate pitch of the roof making the gable look more probable and less like a birdhouse ,than it does in approved HPC rendering.
    Why they couldn't make the Gable the correct dimensions of original house, with shingles and break and then opposed to smacking that single window right up against the a mystery to me. They were getting pretty close on left side of the house as shown in photo above.
    This wasn't a difficult house to restore, as restorations go. This is in a designated historic house, so no one was busting anyone's chops.
    Why this was made into such an ordeal from the varied weird proposals, to straight up, arrogant deception that was finally called out for once,'s better.... conclusion,
    was all so unnecessary .
    The original building was well documented and required no guess work. It was a straight forward assignment for any true professional restoration company . A lot of people's time was wasted, as HPC is not a paid position, and laws were blatantly ignored. This is not how Historic Preservation that is effective works anywhere else.
    Allowing a favored few because of,money,power and influence, exemption from the not how our government works...which is sadly ,why it doesn't.