Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Life Is a Cabaret

A week from today, Theater Now New York expected to start rehearsals for Cabaret. People were invited to the Pocketbook Factory to meet the cast and crew before they buckled down to three weeks of hard work preparing for the opening on August 2. But alas, earlier today, word came that TNNY was canceling Cabaret. This paragraph from the press release explains why.
Theatre Now New York is disappointed to announce that plans for the much anticipated production of Cabaret at the Pocketbook Factory in Hudson, NY must grind to a halt. After one of the primary funders of the show pulled out, it was concluded that financially preparations for the show could not continue. Artistic Director Thomas Morrissey states, “We are devastated that the production of Cabaret cannot continue as planned. The people of Hudson have been so welcoming to us and we hope that they will welcome us back in the future.”
The press release goes on to say that, despite the setback, Theatre Now New York will continue with its plans for the future without missing a beat. Those plans are for Sound Bites, a workshop of ten ten-minute musicals, to be held in New York City in the fall. They are accepting submissions from composers now. Visit the TNNY website for information.

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