Tuesday, July 16, 2013

School District News

There are two articles about the Hudson City School District in today's Register-Star, both written by Arthur Cusano. 

The first reports that someone is interested in buying the Greenport School: "City school board accepts Greenport school sale bid." This is not the same person who, according to the Register-Star, was going to give the building a "Hollywood makeover." That buyer withdrew his offer. The new buyer, Mark Solomon, who is identified as "a local area resident," has offered $400,000 for the building. (The district was asking $750,000.) There is no information about how he intends to use the building. 

The sale of the building must be approved in a referendum by the voters in the Hudson City School District.

A second article reports that Thomas Gavin, the former principal of Hudson High School who was accused by HCDS superintendent Maria Suttmeier of sexual harassment, suspended for nine months, and recently reinstated, will head up a new multi-district alternative learning program: "Gavin to head up new alternative ed. program." The program, sometimes referred to as "the bridge," will involve about forty high risk students from HCSD, Catskill Central School District, and Berkshire Union Free School District. It has not been announced where this program will be physically located beyond that it will be somewhere within the two square miles of Hudson.

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