Friday, July 26, 2013

Today on WAMC

Today, picking up on the story first reported by Sam Pratt on his blog, WAMC recalls the fire at TCI in Ghent that happened a year ago and talks about the recommendations made a month ago to the Board of Supervisors by the Columbia County Environmental Management Council.

Photo credit: West Ghent Volunteer Fire Company 

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  1. WAMC and the Register-Star picked up on the document I obtained and reported about the day before, but left out some of the juiciest parts:

    According to the Environmental Management Council’s findings, TCI “showed disregard for the safety of plant workers, the community, and the environment.”

    Moreover, they say that both residents and firefighters were “exposed to danger due to negligence.”

    The Committee also finds that “no effective oversight was provided by any level of government.”

    Pretty tough stuff, and alarming—since a year later, nothing has been done about it.

    And yet our County supervisors seem eager to bury the report, or have County attorneys water down its recommendations for averting future disasters of this kind.

    Note that the EMC report has been in the County’s hands since June 24th. That’s evidently why Simonsen apparently decided to bring it to the Government commitee (prompting Ellen Thurston to question whether it was appropriate for them to discuss in that forum) — because it was being ignored.