Monday, January 19, 2015

Skunk Sighting

We know they're here. Their scent from time to time offers evidence of that. But this morning, while walking Joey at 7 a.m., I had the rare experience of actually seeing a skunk out and about. It was lurking in the morning dim in Cherry Alley, by the dumpster behind the building still known as the Shrimp Box.

Not wanting to rile the skunk, and fearing Joey might bark, we beat a hasty and soundless retreat. Thank goodness nature gave the beast a big white stripe along its back. Without it, I might not have immediately recognized the wild creature for what it was.


  1. I love a good skunk sighting; the smelling, not so much.

    But not everyone smells great, so let's salute our furtive neighbors and marvel at the way these handsome creatures survive the brutal cold.

  2. Recently spotted "Our Neighbor" Skunk crossing our street from the School House headed downhill towards Cross Street. Close enough.

  3. My cat Miss Kitty(unfortunately now deceased) used to hang out with a skunk in our neighborhood here on Aitken Ave. We'd find them sitting next to each other on the steps late at night from time to time...Just chillin', calm as could be. Wish I had a picture of it. :)