Sunday, August 28, 2016

Community Now and Then

Yesterday, this picture of a dog, loose and alone on Fifth Street near Cherry Alley, was posted on the Hudson Community Board on Facebook. Within minutes, the dog's human was identified, and she was back home safe. 

Facebook|Deborah Olin
I was reminded this morning of how we now use Facebook to reunite pets with their humans when I came upon this item in the Hudson Daily Register for September 28, 1889.

The Boston & Albany depot where the toddler was found was this one, known as Hudson Upper Depot, which still stands at State and Seventh streets.

Photo courtesy Pat Fenoff
The school to which the good Samaritan took the child was the Sixth Street School, now the location of the Public Defender's office and other county offices.



  1. As a lifelong preservationist, I have NEVER ascribed to the idea of an addition to a historic structure looking appreciably different than the original structure. Any addition should be harmonious and/or identical in style to the original. Most of us feel that way, and I don't know what harebrain originally suggested otherwise.

    1. Gossips Note: This comment actually belongs with the subsequent post "Us and the Secretary of the Interior's Standards."