Thursday, August 25, 2016

The General Worth and the Common Council

Yesterday, Gossips published an excerpt from the Common Council minutes for September 16, 1969, that recounted Lilian Reineck's appearance before the Council to appeal for a stay of demolition for the General Worth Hotel. At that meeting, she presented to the Council a petition with 95 signatures. Commenting on the petition, Council president Elmer Sheffer noted that "a lot of names would have to be stricken from the petition because the signers did not live in Hudson."

At  the Council's next meeting in October, there was a communication from Reineck which accompanied petitions with more than 500 signatures. The Council president's response to the petitions was similar to what it had been before--this time declaring invalid not only the signatures of people who did not live in Hudson but also the signatures of people who were not yet 21 years old, 21 being, in 1969, the age at which one became eligible to vote.


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