Friday, August 26, 2016

Report on 2015 Tourism Study

The Columbia County Tourism recently issued a press release reporting the findings of a study entitled "The Economic Impact of Tourism in New York State," which was commissioned by the State and analyzed 2015 data from Columbia, Dutchess, Orange, Putnam, Rockland, and Westchester counties and found that tourism spending is growing fastest in Columbia County. The press release is quoted below. 
Of the six counties comprising the Hudson Valley region, Columbia County continues to grow its tourism sector having the highest percentage of its labor force supported by visitors than any other county in the Hudson Valley, according to findings in a recently released report.  
In “The Economic Impact of Tourism in New York State,” a survey commissioned by the State and prepared by the company Tourism Economics, analysis of 2015 data from the counties of Columbia, Dutchess, Orange, Putnam, Rockland, and Westchester show how tourism, as an industry, is of key importance to local economies.
Hudson Valley tourism spending is growing fastest in Columbia County. The county had a 5.7 percent increase in spending and was the largest increase of any county in the Hudson Valley region. Tourists spent over $130 million in Columbia County in 2015. Tax revenues generated by tourists grew by 6.8 percent in Columbia County, which was also the largest percentage increase of any county in the region. Tourism spending includes food & beverage, transportation, lodging, retail, and recreation, as well as the second home market.
Although Westchester County attracts the bulk of visitor spending in the region (more than half), Columbia County’s tourism industry generates jobs and income at a level that saw 7.2 percent of all labor income generated by visitors, with the percentage in all the other counties much lower, at 5.0 percent percent or less. . . . 
Anyone that would like a copy of the recently released study should contact Ann Cooper at the tourism department either by phone 518 828-3375 or via email at


  1. I never put any stock in those economic studies. They can be rigged to support any point of view.

  2. This reinforces my argument that our elected officials need to focus on improving train service to Hudson on weekends. Many trains are sold out on Friday and Sunday. This creates a bottleneck for tourism. Why not run a couple of MTA trains out of Grand Central on Fridays and Sundays terminating in Albany? Another alternative would be to run something akin to the Hampton Jitney bus service. Buses could run out of the Port Authority on 42nd Street to the train station here in Hudson.