Thursday, August 11, 2016

West African Creation Myth Dramatized

This weekend, Carol Rusoff's company of young theater people returns with a new show. Originally called HTTP (Hudson Teen Theatre Project), the group is now just HTP (Hudson Theatre Project). The first T was dropped because, as Rusoff explains, "I am happy to have so many new or veteran 20 somethings who wanted to continue to work with me." Tonight, Friday, and Sunday, HTP will be performing The Giant Caterpillar, a creation myth from the Ivory Coast, at the Hudson Area Library.

The Giant Caterpillar was selected because the show was to be part of the Black Arts & Cultural Festival. The festival has been postponed because of predictions for bad weather this weekend, but the show will go on, albeit in a different venue. Speaking of the choice of myth, Rusoff explains:
We chose a West African myth, The Giant Caterpillar, from the beautiful Ivory Coast, because it is a straightforward, clear, and funny creation myth. All ancient cultures have their creation myths, some more complicated, some more magical, but they all have a common thread--explaining a people’s universe and its origins. 
For many years, it has been my passion and privilege to move myths and legends and folktales the world over from the page to the stage, under the auspices of the Hudson Opera House, with an ensemble as diverse as our community.
In making theatre with a family audience in mind, our simple comedy is based on exaggerated characters and situations, which are at the core of all comedy and farce. While I have guided the process, the actors have been free to create their characters and journey with them through the story, on their way exploring and discovering how comedy works. We seek to remain true and authentic to the source material while at the same time interpreting the work to the best of our ability for your entertainment.
The Giant Caterpillar will be performed today, August 11, at 8 p.m.; tomorrow, August 12, at 7 p.m.; and Sunday, August 14, at 3 p.m. All three performances will be in the Community Room at the Hudson Area Library, 51 North Fifth Street. Admission is free.

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  1. Our son was part of the original HTTP and a member of the original Giant Caterpillar cast -- way back when. It's an absolutely delightful play. Don't miss it! And welcome back, Carol Rusoff!!! --pm