Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Zoning Change Proposed for Hudson Avenue

In March of this year, a proposal was presented to the Planning Board for site plan review by architect Walter Chatham, who described himself as a New Urbanist. What Chatham proposed was to build four rowhouses in the west side of Hudson Avenue, across the street from Galvan Field. 

Because half the site of the proposed structures was zoned R-3 (residential) and the other half was zoned I-1 (industrial), the project was referred to the Zoning Board of Appeals for a use variance. The ZBA, at its March meeting, after granting a use variance for the hotel proposed for 41 Cross Street, denied a use variance to this project, recommending instead that the applicant to ask the Common Council to amend the zoning.

Tonight, such an amendment to the zoning code, authored by Third Ward alderman John Friedman, was presented to the Common Council Legal Committee for consideration. Alderman Michael O'Hara (First Ward), who chairs the Legal Committee, explained that the proposed amendment would change the zoning along the west side of Hudson Avenue from Industrial to Residential Special Commercial, the same zoning as on Warren Street, which would allow certain kinds of commercial enterprises to be carried out on the ground floors of the proposed buildings.

The Legal Committee agreed to bring the proposed amendment before the full Council in September.


  1. The map has Warren Street in a C-C zone, rather than an RSC zone.

  2. That's because Warren Street is zoned Central Commercial and not Residential Special Commercial.