Sunday, June 10, 2018

A Kinder, Gentler Rock Solid Theme

In past years, the Rock Solid Church presence in the Flag Day parade seemed to celebrate militarism and war. Their intent it seems was to honor the fallen, but the impression made on the bystander was often quite different.

Rock Solid Church float 2012

Rock Solid Church float 2014
After taking a year off from participating in the Flag Day parade, the Rock Solid Church was back yesterday, with its usual large parade contingent but with a much more conciliatory theme: "One Nation Under God." The best part was a huge American flag carried by about three dozen people.

As the flag approached the reviewing stand, Guy Apicella of the Flag Day committee, remarked, "They're walking inside the flag! How creative!" I had to wonder if they might not have been inspired by a similarly enormous flag carried in a similar manner in a Hudson parade a hundred years ago. 

Evelyn & Robert Monthie Slide Collection, Columbia County Historical Society
That parade took place on April 26, 1918, and the flag was part of the St. Mary's Academy contingent. Describing the display, the Columbia Republican reported: "Then came thirty-five of the academy girls supporting an immense American flag. This flag was carried in a novel manner, the heads of the thirty-five girls appearing above it as it swept along."

It was learned today that the Rock Solid Church received the award for "Most Patriotic."


  1. Interesting. They were really bashed on a Face Book site. I guess that was predetermined.

  2. Welcomed come back for sure.

  3. Glad to hear this. When I heard they were drawing near on Saturday, I walked a block away to avoid them after the frightening, disgusting display of godly militarism last time down. Kudos for the more peaceful approach.