Saturday, June 9, 2018

While Everyone Was Focused on the Parade

On Saturday morning, while people were going about their weekend chores and doing things related to Flag Day, work on the windows began at 400 State Street, the 200-year-old limestone structure, designated a local landmark and individually listed in the National Register of Historic Places, that started its long life as the Hudson Almshouse. 

The tall windows in the central part of the building appear still to be in place, though the panes of glass have been removed and the muntins and stiles are being stripped of paint. Windows in the east wing of the building have been removed altogether. 

The project has not come before the Historic Preservation Commission for a certificate of appropriateness, so we have to trust that it has been reviewed by code enforcement officer Craig Haigh, and he is satisfied that what is being done is simply the repair of the building's existing historic fabric. 


  1. It hasn't come before the Historic Preservation Committee? Are you kidding me? St. Mary's Church garden was the recipient of many comments by HPC members and even a visit by the committee. And this, one of Hudson's most important historic buildings, is being substantially renovated -- there were half a dozen people banging and hammering today -- doesn't even get a nod? What's wrong with this picture?

  2. As always Galloway gets a pass on everything. From building permits to failing to get approval from the Historic Preservation Committee. This has got to stop, now. Cronyism is not acceptable.

  3. Has a permit being issued for the repair/restoration ?

  4. All people are created equal, but some are more equal than others.