Friday, June 29, 2018

Open House Today

The public housing project known as Bliss Towers is a perennial cause of contention in Hudson. There have been allegations that conditions in the building "have deteriorated well beyond livable." Evidence has emerged about past mismanagement. There have been calls to "do away with" the Hudson Housing Authority Board of Commissions and suggestions that current HHA director Timothy Mattice isn't doing enough to address the issues. Then there's the persistent conversation about razing all or part of the building in favor of pursuing some new model for subsidized public housing.

Meanwhile, things are happening at Bliss Towers that counter all the bad publicity. The fence surrounding the property has come down, and a plan for new landscaping is being developed by three members of the Conservation Advisory Council-- Carol Smillie, Holly Gardner, and Elsa Leviseur--with input from building residents.

Today, Friday, June 29, there is to be an Open House at Bliss Towers to introduce residents to available community services and people in the community to the building. Representatives from about a dozen agencies and organizations, from the Department of Social Services to the Hudson Farmers Market, will be present, and one of the newly renovated apartments--one of forty that have recently been completely rehabilitated--will be open so people can see the work now being done in the building. The event is from 4 to 7 p.m. today at 41 North Second Street.

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