Tuesday, June 12, 2018

On the Empire State Trail

Gossips reported the proposed route of the Empire State Trail through Hudson a month ago: "A Bicycle Trail Runs Through It."

Going from south to north, the Empire State Trail will enter Hudson on Route 9G, will turn left onto Allen Street and proceed west on Allen Street to Front Street, where it will turn right and go north along Front Street to Dock Street, where it will turn right again and go east up Dock Street to Mill Street and along the Dugway to Harry Howard Avenue, where it will turn left and proceed north along Harry Howard Avenue to Joselyn Boulevard at the border of Hudson and Greenport.

Last night, a resolution supporting the route selection through the city came before the Common Council. Council president Tom DePietro said of the route, "In fact, it was handed down by the State." Mayor Rick Rector said the route was the result of "meeting after meeting, with so many people" and recalled that the initial route proposed by the State was to "take out parking on one side of Warren Street." He and other City officials had finally convinced the State--"after they rejected it twice"--to use Allen Street, and he assured everyone that in the current plan "no parking is lost on Allen Street."

Nick Zachos observed that there had been a public meeting in Valatie about the route of the trail through the Town of Kinderhook. Seeming to ignore the fact that in Kinderhook the trail followed the long abandoned path of the Albany-Hudson Electric Trolley, departing often to encroach on private land, and did not involve city streets, Zachos wanted to know, "Why can't we have a public meeting in Hudson?"

Don Moore, who identified himself as an avid cyclist, said he could not imagine a better route through the city, saying that "the terrain is one only an experienced cyclist would attempt."

Alderman Eileen Halloran (Fifth Ward) said she wanted a public hearing before the next Council meeting, which is scheduled for Tuesday, June 19. DePietro suggested there wouldn't be time to notice such a meeting. Audience member Agi Clark asked, "What do you expect out of a public hearing if it's already decided?" Halloran defended the need for a public hearing, and Alderman Rob Bujan (First Ward) commented, "There's not enough transparency."

The resolution was not formally introduced because a public hearing will be held, although it is not yet known when such a hearing will take place.

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  1. Do Mill Street residents know about this? They may want to exercise their special veto power.