Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Police Action and Community Reaction

Amanda Purcell's report on the statements made at Monday's informal Common Council meeting about the drug raid on State Street appears in today's Register-Star: "City leaders assail show of force in drug raids." Not much is reported here that hasn't already been reported on Gossips, but Purcell does include a statement from Chief Ed Moore, who is quoted as saying, "When a county supervisor recently said at a public meeting 'it doesn't belong in our community' and 'if we don't get this under control, nobody will want to live in Hudson,' she was not talking the drugs and violence in her neighborhood last summer. She was referring to the 15 minutes the Shared Services Team was deployed on the 200 block. I guess it's a matter of perspective." 


  1. The Chief is overly generous, unless he meant too little perspective.

  2. This is self-aggrandizing political posturing as much as the raid was an absurd, macho, impotent show of force. Par for the course for both involved parties.