Thursday, February 3, 2022

Development in Hudson

At yesterday's meeting of the Hudson Industrial Development Agency (IDA), Mike Tucker of CEDC (Columbia Economic Development Corporation), which provides support staffing for the Hudson IDA, reviewed the projects approved by the IDA in the past two years and offered a preview of projects that are likely to make application to the IDA in the near future. 

Tucker reported that the IDA has approved $78.67 million in new investment in Hudson. Those projects are:
  • The hotel at 620 Union Street--$14.3 million
  • Affordable housing at 75 North Seventh Street--$22.5 million
  • Affordable housing at 708 State Street--$16.2 million
  • PBF Hudson (Pocketbook Factory)--$25.6 million 
Of the new projects expected to come before the IDA, Tucker mentioned:
  • The hotel being proposed for the former Elks Lodge, a project now before the Zoning Board of Appeals
  • The hotel being proposed by the Galvan Foundation at the corner of Fourth and Warren streets, a project presented to the Planning Board in January
  • The new development likely to be proposed for the former Kaz site as soon as the sale of the property closes
  • The possible expansion of Towne & Country on Dock Street to create a business that produces prepared meals or meal kits for distribution in New York City
  • The possible development of 1 Hudson Avenue, originally constructed as Gifford-Wood plant and most recently the site of McGuire Overhead Door (Tucker reported that three developers have looked at the site.)
  • Projects related to the City's RFP for a development partner to implement the Affordable Housing Development Plan
It seems there is much to look forward to.


  1. Don't you mean: It seems there are much hotels to look forward to!?

    1. Plus Pocketbook, and a small one on lower Warren which the Planning Board is currently considering.
      1 Hudson Ave might be another hotel, of course (and potentially a big one). It would be a smart location for one, I suppose, since parking and noise would not be issues back there. Of course, anyone living on or near Hudson Ave probably wouldn't agree. Is it time for a hotel moratorium to cool down the hotel hysteria?
      B Huston

  2. Count your lucky stars -- New York City has lost so many hotels and their jobs. Hudson needs to appreciate what it has. New York feels the loss.