Thursday, February 10, 2022

Stewart's and Voorheesville: The Denouement

Back when Stewart's has convincing the City of Hudson to change its zoning code to accommodate its plans for expansion, Gossips started following Stewart's expansion efforts in other communities. One of those communities was Voorheesville. Unlike Hudson, the Village of Voorheesville would not alter its zoning code to allow Stewart's to demolish a landmark tavern to build a new convenience store and gas station, and Stewart's retaliated by closing its existing facility in Voorheesville. Gossips summarized the story in May 2019: "Stewart's and Lawsuits."

Today, The Altamont Enterprise reports that Stewart's is selling the building it purchased in 2017 with the intention of demolishing it, and the building will once again be a restaurant: "Former Smith's Tavern to be sold." Stewart's bought the property for $750,000. It was first listed for sale at $799,000. The last listing price was $449,000. It is not known what the actual selling price is.

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