Tuesday, February 22, 2022

The Saga of the Kaz Site: The Final Chapter

At the Hudson Development Corporation meeting today, board president Bob Rasner announced that the closing on the sale of the Kaz site, a.k.a. the Montgomery Street parcel, was set to happen on Friday, March 4. Rasner told the board, "The buyer is enthusiastic and eager to close; we are enthusiastic and eager to close." But, despite the fact that the Albany Business Review and Gossips revealed the identity of the buyer last week, Rasner did not.



  1. Something doesn't smell right, seems like a racket. About a million in grant money to knock down that barn across from the train station, probably more that I don't know about. How many millions will this corporation extract from taxpayer pockets for the Kaz site to build it's business enterprise?

    1. It wasn't "a million in grant money to knock down that barn." The building was carefully disassembled and will be meticulously reassembled.

    2. you are joking right? Like the Gen. Worth House and the other house knocked down up on Columbia St. and "reassembled". It seems like a lot of public money given to a private corporation to build their own assets.

    3. Further to Carole's point, the Building that was carefully disassembled is presently stored in the KAZ warehouse. The warehouse and the surrounding property are being purchased with private funds in a cash transaction.

    4. No, I'm not joking, P. Winslow: https://gossipsofrivertown.blogspot.com/2020/12/disassembly-on-south-front-street.html