Friday, February 16, 2024

Not Much Has Changed for Us

Yesterday, the New York State Independent Redistricting Commission voted in favor of a single Congressional plan and voted to submit that plan to the New York State Legislature.

In the redistricting plan recently submitted, nothing has changed for us there in Columbia County. As in the redistricting done in 2023, all of Columbia County is still part of a district that reaches from the border with Massachusetts (and a little bit of Connecticut) to Ithaca and extends down to Binghamton and the Pennsylvania border and separates Columbia County from both the Capital Region and the rest of the Hudson Valley. The first map below shows the 19th Congressional District as it is currently; the second shows the 19th Congressional District in the proposed new district map.

It is now up to the State Legislature to either, to quote the New York Times, "rubber-stamp the compromise . . . or reject it and risk ending up back in court. . . ."

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