Friday, February 23, 2024

Where the City Ends

Facebook was all abuzz yesterday with the news that a search for a house in Hudson was featured in the Real Estate section of the New York Times: "Their Hearts Were Set on a House in Hudson. Could They Afford the One They Wanted?" Several people sent Gossips the link to the article. 

Following the formula of such pieces, the article presented three houses that had been considered, identified as "Updated Tudor-Style House," "Townhouse With Mountain Views" (Mount Ray Estates), and "19th-Century Brick Rowhouse" (one of the houses originally built for the sons of Elihu Gifford in the 600 block of Columbia Street). The buyers settled on "Updated Tudor-Style House." 

Photo: Zillow
The irony is the house is not located in Hudson. It's in Greenport. But, of course, since Greenport shares a zip code with Hudson, the house has a Hudson mailing address.

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