Saturday, December 8, 2012

Anticipation and Anxiety

Since the news first spread that Zak Pelaccio was creating a new restaurant in Hudson, people have been eagerly awaiting its opening. The enthusiasm intensified at Winter Walk last Saturday, when people got a chance to sample the cuisine: grilled handmade sausage with mustard. But for the people who live in closest proximity to the restaurant, on Union and Warren streets, anticipation turned to anxiety when all of this equipment was installed on the little addition behind the original brick building.

There have been assurances that barriers will be constructed to mask the units and baffle the sound. Because the original drawings submitted to code enforcement and to the Historic Preservation Commission did not accurately show the size and mass of the equipment (the units are bigger than anyone expected), new drawings have been submitted, and it is likely that the project will come back before the HPC on Friday, December 14.


  1. Personally I do not have issues with the construction of the restaurant & the details as shown in the pic.
    What I do find to be suprising is that some of Gossips readers would be objecting or finding fault till the earth's end if it was associated w/ a Galvan construction site.
    Isn't the restaurant located in a desginated Historical District?
    So how did the details slip past the HPC magnifying glass?

  2. I had a loft in NYC once that had a restaurant chimney from an Irish pub steak house out the back window, and it was a horrible thing, belching toxic meat grilling fumes and loud noise right into the window. I had to seal it shut with silicone. The chimney was too close to the window for the building regulations, the city didn't care, but the EPA came and shut it down, made them build a taller chimney, that had an even louder, more obnoxious fan. The photo does not look that bad, but if you stand next to it in the alley it looks fairly ominous. Glad I don't live in the house next door. Hopefully they have good equipment that is not that loud and will filter out the toxic smoke.