Saturday, December 22, 2012

Hudson Valley Lost

Rob Yasinsac has published, on Hudson Valley Ruins, a list of historic structures in the Hudson Valley that were demolished in the past year: "2012--The Demolition Year in Review." Happily, nothing in Hudson is on the list, but who knows what 2013 might bring.

Thanks to Lisa Durfee for bringing attention to Yasinsac's post.

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  1. Not so happily, the following is from Rob Yasinanc's "Hudson Valley Ruins" 2012's Alerts:


The City of Hudson recently ordered the eviction of the Furgary Boat Club from once-contested property now declared to be city-owned land. At 3:00am on the morning of July 16, a SWAT team with guns drawn entered the property to remove three remaining residents. Once city ownership of the land was confirmed, the city of Hudson Common Council denied a request from members of the Furgary Boat Club to lease the site, and the city ordered the residents' cottages to be demolished."