Monday, December 24, 2012

The March Continues

This report on the progress of Rosalie Jones's suffragist "army" appeared in the Hudson Evening Register on Tuesday, December 24, 1912.


Suffragette "Troopers" at Blue Store at Noon and Intend to Press On.

The "on to Albany" suffragettes were at Blue Store at noon today where they dined at the Washburn hotel. Besides the five "regulars" there were seven "volunteers," making an even dozen who marched along. They said that they would press on, owing to the storm, and hoped to reach Hudson by tonight.

Last night was spent at Upper Red Hook. Here it turned out there were accommodations only for General [Rosalie Gardiner Jones] and Col. [Ida] Craft in the hotel. When Gen. Jones learned this she refused to stop in the hotel, saying, "If the troops must bivouac by the wayside it would be unbecoming in me to occupy a bed. I'll sleep wrapped up in my army blanket with my feet to the camp fire and my soldiers around me." But Mrs. Alvin Hamm took pity on the army and took the whole outfit in.

A lady interested in the movement informed this office this afternoon that the Pilgrims will probably enter this city by the way of the South Bay road. They are being escorted to this city from Germantown by the Misses Lillian Rockefeller, of Germantown, and L. Holsapple of this city.

Those desirous of asking any questions pertaining to the subject tomorrow may do so. Printed literature can also be had for the asking, and the Woman's Journal, a magazine devoted to the work of Woman Suffragettes will be sold along the streets by members of the delegation.

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