Sunday, December 23, 2012

"On to Albany!"

On Monday, December 23, 1912, the Hudson Evening Register published this report on the progress of the suffrage hikers.


"Army" of Five Continued Their Walk on Sunday, and Got to Rhinebeck.

RHINEBECK, Dec. 22--With its marching forces augmented by another private, General Rosalie Jones's little army of suffragists continued the march Albanyward Sunday morning and reached Rhinebeck shortly before 6 o'clock Sunday night, after a sixteen-mile march. The new member of the army is Miss Gladys Coursen of Poughkeepsie, who will "stick through," she says until the State capitol is reached. 

The suffragists, now numbering five, left Poughkeepsie escorted by a number of local suffragists until the pedestrians were well out of the city.

The start from Poughkeepsie was made at 9:30 o'clock and a crowd of people saw the walkers off. The air was bracing and the party walked fast to keep warm. The suffragists stopped at Staatsburg for luncheon. Upon reaching the Rhinebeck Hotel, addresses were made in front of the hostelry and in the evening the suffragists attended church.

Gossips Note: It's nice to think that the hotel General Rosalie Jones's little army stopped at in Rhinebeck was the Beekman Arms. One can readily imagine people gathered in front of the Beekman Arms to hear the suffragists' addresses. The problem is that, aside from a brief time in the latter part of the 18th century when it was called the Bogardus Tavern, the country's oldest continuously operated hotel seems always to have been called the Beekman Arms.

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